Dr. Arthur John Greenwood, OBGYN – Adultery and Sexually Transmitted Disease

  • Dr. Arthur Greenwood is an OBGYN,
  • a residency trained ACOG certified OBGYN
  • He is my husband,
  • For years, while Dr. Arthur John Greenwood was a United States Air Force Medical Officer, Arthur John Greenwood committed adultery.
  • On January 14, 2016 I learned that my husband, Dr. Arthur John Greenwood a.k.a. USAF Maj Arthur John Greenwood had contracted STD’s (sexually transmitted disease[s] and or related disease[s]. Dr. Arthur John Greenwood is an OBGYN. Dr. Greenwood knows better than anyone about the dangers of STD’s and STD related diseases.
  • For years Dr. Greenwood denied he was committing adultery.
  • Even after admitting adultery, Dr. Greenwood lied repeatedly about the frequency of his adulterous behavior.
  • Dr. Greenwood refused to ever tell me (his wife) if or when he’d been tested for STD’s and STD related disease, and if had been treated for STD’s and STD related diseases. He recently had an STD related disease, and failed to disclose this to me at all.



As the wife of an admitted adulterer I have a right to know if, when and how often Dr. Arthur John Arthur was tested and or treated for an Sexually Transmitted Diseases and or related illness

In January 14, 2016 I was told by Arthur’s attorney, Mr. James Clark II that Arthur was retiring from the military because he had been diagnosed, treated and recovered from a rare disease called Tonsil Cancer. The risk factors for Tonsil cancer are excessive drinking and oral sex. Tonsil cancer is linked to the STD – Sexually Transmitted Disease HPV which is found in the female reproductive tract. The photo above reflects weight loss from a medical condition spread via HPV (Human Papillomavirus), oral sex and excessive drinking. This is presumably what Arthur looked like during his treatment.

Arthur in 2016

This is what Arthur looks like on June 16, 2016, Clearly he was able to get medical treatment, while he forces me to live in poverty, and I can not afford the deductible on my health insurance and go without medical care for 18 months now.


Tonsil Cancer can take years to develop

  • Arthur has been committing adultery for years, though he almost always denied it
  • I repeatedly asked both Arthur and his command to be allowed to know when Arthur was testes for Sexually diseases and what the test results were.
  • Arthur simply told me to “go to hell” hen I asked if he’d been tested for STD’s. The USAF did about the same.
  • I was not informed that my husband had and or was treated for an SDT.
  • My husband is an OBGYN who gives speeches about Sexually Transmitted Diseases to his patients dozens of times a day.
  • My husband knows the risks of communicating STDs.
  • Not informing me that he had contracted and or was treated for an STD related disease is Conduct Unbecoming an Office, conduct unbecoming a husband, conduct unbecoming a medical doctor, and conduct unbecoming a Board Certified OBGYN, and I believe it is assault and possibly battery.

If people think that adultery is a victimless crime. They are wrong.  Adultery causes immeasurable pain.  Adultery destroys trust in a marriage, it destroys love,  it destroys families and it destroys lives.  It does more than just damage the innocent spouse, it leaves a wake of misery that society has to pick up the pieces for.

Arthur has insisted that the reason he had committed adultery with a grad student at Texas Tech named Samara Jayne Danan (now Samara Jayne Urban) in 2008 and 2009 was that he had a beer at a social function with co-workers,  and, like a filthy rutting goat, he simply could not keep his dick in his pants after that beer, and that with alcohol he had absolutely no self-control at all,  and simply lost any sense of morality or  value for his marriage vows. He said he could not be trusted  in these sorts of pseudo work / social situations.

Arthur had a history of adultery in his previous marriage. I saw medical records indicating that  he gave his first wife an STD.   Arthur committed adultery many times in our marriage, going back to San Antonio in 2005, and his going away party in 2008 and through his years Winston Salem, during  his OBGYN residency at Wake Forest Baptist University  Medical Center and Forsyth Medical Center rented from 2009 -2012.  At that time, Arthur lived mostly in our “second  home” which he kept me away from and then furnished with hidden marital income and assets).   during  his OBGYN residency.

In December of 2010 Arthur  finally admitted to one act of adultery in Lubbock, Texas with a co-worker Samara Jayne Danan (now Samara Jayne Urban).

For years I asked to see Arthur’s medical records,  to see what steps he took to protect me from sexually transmitted diseases.  Given that Dr. Arthur John Greenwood  is an OBGYN, and that he gave his first wife an STD, he absolutely knows the dangers of transmitting STDs Sexually Transmitted Diseases and diseases associated with STDs.

After years of lies and denials, and attacking me for “doubting his morals and integrity”  Arthur admitted to adultery in 2008 and 2009 with a female co-worker / graduate student Samara Jayne Danan (now Samara Jayne Urban).  This admission of a single act of adultery  came on December 18, 2010.

I asked repeatedly over the years about what steps, if any,  Dr. Arthur John Greenwood OBGYN  took to protect me after he had sex with Samara Jayne Danan (now Samara Jayne Urban). I believe that having unprotected sex with me after having had sex with Samara Jayne Danan (now Samara Jayne Urban) is assault. If he transmitted an STD or STD related disease to me, that is battery.

Dr. Arthur John Greenwood is an OBGYN, he is an officer in the United States Air Force.  He has a duty answer me honestly, and to act with honor. Instead, Arthur was abusive, evasive and a liar. He acted like a filthy monkey in heat.

Here is how I found out a part of the truth about Samara Jayne Danan (now Samara Jayne Urban)  2010 Dec 19 to memoralize hiding assets, adultery etc

To get a better picture of what a sleazy liar Arthur is, here is his email to me on the day after he purchased all of this furniture 2010 July 5 email from Arthur hiding that he has just purchased thousands of dollars of furniture  And I wonder if Arthur had the realization that he was  “an ass hole”  before or after he spent thousand of dollars on furniture for his Winston Salem love nest,  some of which was income he was hiding from me and the IRS, all on the Fourth of July, which is my birthday. And given that on July 5, 2010 he was still denying that he’d ever committed adultery, and he was hiding that he had not filed the 2008 Federal Income Tax Return that I had signed, and in fact had filed  a different Return “Married Separate”  which the IRS  had rejected, you’ve just got to wonder if any of those charming factoids were creeping in to his “I’m an asshole” assessment.  And strictly speaking, shouldn’t  it  have been, “I’m a lying, cheating, sac-o-shit asshole?”

Here is just one example of how convincingly Arthur lies. 2009 June 16 from Arthur re I recognized it was wrong He is talking about Samara Jane Danan, who in this email he denies having an affair with, but on December 18, 2010  finally admits  he’d had an affair with.

  • If you read Arthur’s email to me from June of 2009, Arthur claims that he “engaged in telephone conversations with [Samara] and did not do more than that.” Arthur says that he ”can see that the length of his conversations was too long and certainly had the potential to be destructive to our marriage.”
  • This manipulative, sanctimonious liar goes on to say “I am thankful that I recognized it was wrong and stopped talking to her so much.”
  • God bless him, what a great guy!!! Oh wait, the frickin liar did have sex with her, not once, but again and again and again.
  • And while he was screwing Samara, in 2008 and 2009 and doing his best to destroy our marriage and any ability I could ever have to love him, I was doing his legal work on the Connor v. Greenwood lawsuit in Ohio, and living here alone, in hell to care for the Logres Farm animals  that he insisted on having.
  • Arthur then says that he regrets calling her in January and insists that he was not trying to rekindle anything.  Again, “God bless him, what a saint!” Except that he is lying here and had sex with her again and again and again.
  • What is most sickening to me in the context of this monster’s lies are the assertions he makes at the end, essentially that I am responsible for a “hostile volatile relationship” and that I am not stable in my emotions.
  • Given the enormity of his lies, deceits, evasions and other illegal, immoral and unethical conduct, which ongoingly caused chaos and misery in my life, how does this immoral, arrogant bastard even live with himself? He is deflecting all of the blame for his conduct on me?
  • And the very worst part of all of this is that back then  I loved Arthur and believed him.  I internalized all of his accusations about me, and took the blame for even doubting the bull shit story he was telling me.
  • What is not in the exchange is that Arthur became very angry that I questions the bullshit lies he was telling me about his relationships with Samara.  He was emotionally and physically abusive when I questioned any part of  his story.

Of concern is that Arthur is a medical doctor, and OBGYN no less, and he cared absolutely nothing at all about protecting me (his wife) from  communicable sexually transmitted diseases.  He had sex with a sexually promiscuous creature who, like Arthur,  was so lacking in morals and integrity, that she was willing to sleep with a married man. And then Arthur had sex with me, exposing me to every sexual partner his promiscuous partner had ever had.

What OBGYN does not know about sexually transmitted diseases.   I can not imagine a female patient who would want to be seen or treated by a man like Arthur Greenwood, who had such a reckless disregard for the health and well being of a woman, most especially his wife (whom he professed to love, even while lying, cheating and stealing from her).

The pattern of behavior and lies, related to hiding his adultery, and deflecting blame for his adulterous conduct onto me,  continued up through October of 2014.

Did all of Arthur’s personal relationships with female co-workers  lead to extramarital sex?   I have no idea, but arguably “no.”

When you are married  to someone like Arthur, who committed adultery, and then for years fabricated an elaborate series of lies about the adultery, where in I was “the evil bad guy” and physically assaulted, harassed, threatened for even questioning the bull shit stories he was telling, you start to wonder about things like” “When did the adultery start? Was it at a party, or on a trip, or some other social event, like a going away party or game,  where the lines between professional conduct and personal relations become blurred?  Were they simply too personal, and then an opportunity arose? Or is he just some sleazy immoral creep who hits on whatever and whomever is near by?”