USAF Maj. Carmen Baxter MC

Dr. Carmen Blissit Baxter OBGYN

On February 22, 2015 Dr. Carmen Baxter, OBGYN,  sent this email  from her USAF military email account, with her military rank and her professional title, to the Doberman Pinscher Club of America.  a.k.a. USAF Medical Officer Maj Carmen  Baxter

Here is the context for the videos disseminated by USAF Medical Officer Maj. Carmen Baxter a.k.a. Dr. Carmen Blissit Baxter OBGYN, including links to emails related to living conditions here  and links to what I did to try to protect myself and the animals that  my husband abandoned, including links to emails with the Langley Air Force Base Hospital Chain of Command.

Emails To and From USAF Med Officer Lt Col  Elliot Pinero

January 2015 emails to and from Pinero

Feb 2nd – 15th 2015 emails to USAF Lt. Col Elliot Pinero

Feb 17- 28, 2015 emails to USAF Lt. Col Elliot Pinero

Emails To and From USAF Med Officer Col Louis Martinez

Jan 2015 emails to USAF Col. Louis Martinez

About YouTube: Possibly some people do not know that when you upload a video to YouTube so that you will have a link for it, there are three options for how or if the videos will appear to the public:

  • PUBLIC (everyone can view the video);
  • UNLISTED (only those with a link can view the video), and,
  • PRIVATE (only you can view the videos).

The videos made for Lt Col Elliot Pinero on February 2, 2015 were UNLISTED. The links to those 13 videos were place on a password protected website, which was made at the request of the United States Air Force. Weeks later, on or about February 21, 2015,  USAF Lt. Col. Elliot Pinero asked me to remove the password protection. I did as Lt. Col. Pinero requested.  At that point one of the USAF Medical Officers at the Langley Air Force Base- USAF Maj. Carmen. Baxter (a.k.a. Dr. Carmen Blisset Baxter, OBGYN) , disseminated just two of the videos.

USAF Maj. Carmen Baxter was a subordinate, co-worker and or personal friend of my husband. Baxter had been on a Jan 2014 trip with my husband. In October of 2014 Baxter asked my husband to get personally involved to defend her in her formal reprimand – Letter of Admonishment. In all, they enjoyed some sort of inappropriate personal relationship, and USAF Maj. Carmen Baxter was angry at me for calling her out on it.

If USAF Medical Officer Dr. Carmen Blissit Baxter, OGBYN had any genuine interest in helping the dogs or a victim of abuse  (which is what common decency,  her military training and her medical training mandated she do), Dr. Baxter she could have gone to her Commanding Officer, USAF Col. Louis Martinez, whom she knew was also Maj. Arthur John Greenwood’s Commanding Officer and simply said:

“Sir, the conditions on these videos are appalling. The Langley AF Base clearly knows about this horrifically abusive situation, has for months now, and is doing nothing. At the very least my close personal friend – USAF Maj. Arthur John Greenwood – should be ordered to sign off the dogs so they can be sold or placed immediately and his wife, Mrs. Arthur Greenwood can then get out of that hell hole of a rental and find a safe place to live, immediately.”

That would have been the appropriate and humane thing to do. But clearly, USAF Maj. Carmen. Baxter (a.k.a. Dr. Carmen Baxter, OBGYN) was only interested in harming and defaming me. And so, on February 22, 2015 Dr. Carmen Baxter, OBGYN,  sent this email from her USAF military email account, with her military rank and her professional title, to the Doberman Pinscher Club of America.

USAF Medical Officer Major Carmen Baxter, a.k.a. Dr. Carmen Baxter OBGYN – materially altered the videos to assert that the videos  are evidence of me being guilty of animal abuse, which is a felony.  Dr. Baxter  knew that the videos were evidence  that I am a victim of Abuse of a Vulnerable Adult, Spousal Abuse and Domestic Violence.

It is unequivocal that I am the victim of Abuse of A Vulnerable Adult and that I was doing everything humanely possible to provide for the Logres Farm animals that my husband,  USAF Maj. Arthur John Greenwood had abandoned.

  • I do not know USAF Medical Officer Major Carmen Baxter, a.k.a. Dr. Carmen Baxter OBGYN. Dr. Baxter has no factual basis for any of the reckless, malicious, defamatory accusations she makes in her email of February 2, 2015.  Her defamatory claims are defamation per se.
  • USAF Medical Officer Major Carmen Baxter, a.k.a. Dr. Carmen Baxter OBGYN used her USAF military account to maliciously defame me.
  • USAF Medical Officer Major Carmen Baxter, a.k.a. Dr. Carmen Baxter OBGYN materially altered the videos to assert that they are evidence of me being an abuser, when in she know they were evidence that  I was a victim of Abuse of a Vulnerable, spousal  abuse and domestic violence.

USAF Medical Officer Major Carmen Baxter, a.k.a. Dr. Carmen Blissit Baxter OBGYN recklessly and with knowledge of falsity asserted the malicious and defamatory claimed that I am guilty of “animal abuse” and that I am  “currently breeding the dogs seen in the videos”   These assertions are false, clearly harmful to me, held me to public ridicule and harmed my property.

  • Not only is the defamation pre se, it is a violation of military code of honor for USAF Maj Carmen Baxter to use her military email account for such a purpose.

USAF Medical Officer Carmen Baxter is a married co-worker / subordinate of my husband’s who shared an inappropriate personal relationship with my husband. Baxter then objected and became threatening when I called her on it.  Here is a link to what I knew of the inappropriate personal relationship between my husband and USAF Medical Officer Maj. Carmen  Baxter and it is discussed below.

  • Here is a link to the email sent by USAF Medical Officer Maj. Carmen Baxter – from her USAF military email account with her rank and medical degree – to the Doberman Pinscher Club of America – maliciously defaming me – falsely accusing me of a crime – and a bit more,  while asking to be anonymous.

Below my emails to Pinero and Martinez asking for a formal reprimand of USAF Medical Officer Maj. Carmen Baxter.

Beyond  my comments about Baxter’s inappropriate personal relationship with my husband, which included Baxter drawing Arthur into the drama created when she received a formal Letter of Admonishment (which Arthur  then tried to get me to write his letter on her behalf); and some texts;  and a trip that Baxter and my husband took together, that he lied to me about;  and her threat to sue  me; and the letter from her attorney threatening to sue me; and then her malicious defamatory email sent to the Doberman Pinscher Club of America on or about February 21, 2015; I have had absolutely no contact of any kind with USAF Medical Officer Maj. Carmen Baxter.  From what little I know of her, she is a disgrace as a woman, as a USAF officer  and as a medical doctor.

The websites that USAF Maj Carmen Baxter disseminated links from were made in January of 2015 at the request of USAF Medical Officer Lt. Col Elliot Pinero. Pinero asked me to make a website for him and USAF JAG Officer Captain Terry so that they would have access documents in a pdf or psd format, that were proof of breach of contract and my husband’s other illegal and unethical conduct, including our tax Returns, 1099s, contracts with Physicians Solutions and Carolina Locum Resources (which were strictly forbidden by his contracts with the United States Air Force and with the Residency Program at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center), a February 2013 Complaint to the North Carolina Medical Board for verbally abusing a patient – when he was moonlighting illegally at the clinic at the time he saw this patient, and other documents related to my husbands illegal immoral and unethical conduct.

I was repeatedly asked to add more information to this website, which required a second domain name (hence there are two linked websites). I was reluctant to build this website, and only agreed after much pleading from Pinero, and only if I could put a password protection on the website, so that the website was only available to the Langley Air Force Base Command Directed Investigation. The websites include graphic video of how I am being forced to live and the impact of my being forced to meet the enormous obligations my husband had dumped on me in December of 2014.

In these videos I am specifically addressing claims that Lt. Col Pinero told me had been made by my husband and Athy Conigliaro – that the home was fine and or just needed some TLC. And I was responding to texts and phone calls from  my husband where had berated me for having purchased tape worm medicine and parasite control for the dogs on January 5, 2015,  and or  for providing medical care for the dogs, saying that I was “pathetic” for doing so,  and that my buying the tape worm medication  would “look horrible to a judge” and would be a reason I would “get less alimony.”

A few weeks after the website[s] were made,  on or about February 21, 2015 – USAF  Lt. Col Elliot Pinero asked me to remove the password protection because he said they (Pinero, Terry and other investigators) could not figure out how to use the password. Within a very short time of removing the password, a USAF Medical Officer Maj. Carmen Baxter disseminated links to two of the videos on the websites to third parties, claiming that I  was guilty of “animal abuse” and other false and defamatory things, and then she participated with Sandy Teague, Sue Korps and or Marj Brooks to spread her defamation all over the country.  USAF Medical Officer Maj. Carmen Baxter was acting out of malice to harm me.

Dr. Carmen Baxter simply acted with malice to harm and defame me.  That is Conduct Unbecoming an Officer.  I can not think of a woman less fit to be an OBGYN, or a more dishonorable military officer than USAF Medical Officer Maj. Carmen Baxter  other than my husband. Here is a link to details about USAF Maj Carmen Baxter’s relationship with my husband. which includes Baxter asking my husband to get personally involved in her scheme to get back at USAF Col Louis Martinez because Martinez wrote/gave Baxter  a formal Letter of Admonishment in October of 2015.

On October 15, 2014 – and later from Maj. Baxter herself  I learned that my husband USAF Maj. Arthur John Greenwood and USAF Medical Officer Maj. Carmen Baxter had been  together on a trip in January in January of 2014.

The implied purpose of these kinds of social encounters is always grounded in some freebie offered by a medical supply sales person or drug rep.

I have been on one or two of these events, the alcohol is free, the “medical presentation was a YouTube Video shown on a screen in a bar, after hours of “Happy Hour” with some sleazy sexually-laden misogynist jokes delivered by a hack comedian/ mc.  The video could have been watched at home.  If there is a procedure or device that is truly required, present it in a formal professional setting, between the hours of 9-5, with good lighting, professional attire, and no alcohol, and no forced socializing.  These “medical seminars” where the participants are encouraged to blur the lines between a personal and professional relationship, in an atmosphere where the consumption of alcohol is encouraged are AMA supported invitations to adultery.  And any pretense otherwise is pathetic.  It is no wonder the divorce rate in this county is over 50%. Even the US military and the AMA encourage the blurring of personal and professional lines. I have seen solicitations for these events which can include seminars on “how to hide assets from your wife” taught by some parasite from the ABA.

Given that that leading cause of adultery is simply proximity, and given the enormous cost to society of adultery, which typically leaves  women to live in poverty, with the burden of carrying the obligations abandoned by the adulterer, both the American Medical Association and the United States Military should show some leadership, ex[pressing “family values” in support of “the sanctity  of marriage” and abolish these thinly disguised social events which lead to adultery and chaos as surely as rain falls down and not up.  I think the reason both the AMA and the US military allow these thinly disguised social events is that they are mostly men and they want the opportunity to commit adultery and get away with it.

My husband committed adultery in his first marriage, giving his first wife an STD.   And he had already admitted to having committed adultery in our marriage, blaming “the social situation” and him being inebriated and in close contact with female co-workers as the reason that he ignored his marriage vows.   Arthur had promised repeatedly over the years that he would never again go on such a trip as the one he’d planned in January of 2014.

On the morning of this trip, in January of 2014, when I first learned of the trip and that he had made plans for the trip a month or so  earlier, and intended to go, I told him that I was “holding him to his promises to me.”  That morning my husband lied about how many people were going on the trip; he lied about who was going on the trip;  and, he lied even about how they were traveling and where they were staying.  Given that the trip was breaking  solemn  promises which he had made to me, and given that the trip was entirely frivolous, unnecessary  and optional, the morning of the trip he said he would not go on the trip after all, because he had lied to me about it, and because loved me and he was committed to our marriage. Arthur promised me that he not to go on the trip  after all, if only to show me how much  he loved me, and that I could trust him,  and that he would honor his promises to me to never again put himself in  a situation nearly identical to the situation which he claimed was the reason for his past adultery.

Arthur then walked out of the house, got in his car, drove off and apparently met up with USAF Maj Carmen Baxter  went on this trip with her.

For the next few days Arthur refused to accept or return my phone calls.

After the January 2014 trip, Arthur refused to speak about it all. In fact, he would become very angry about the topic.  My desire to discus any part of the lies he had told related to that trip made him so violent, at one point he threw me to the ground so hard I almost passed out.

Given that there were so many lies with Arthur and so much drama, any discussion of the trip was left to when we could speak to a marriage counselor or therapist.

I did not know USAF Maj Carmen Baxter in January of 2014.  I had never heard her name until about October 9, 2014.  I did not know that Arthur and USAF Maj Carmen Baxter were together in other social situations.  I learned of this from third parties after USAF Maj Carmen Baxter disseminated the links to the websites in February of 2015.  What I knew from direct experience was that my  husband lied to me about what he was doing.  And whenever  I asked him about USAF Maj Carmen Baxter he became violently angry.  I do not know the nature of their relationship, but his lies about her, and his lies about their personal relationship, and his extremely violent reaction to my knowing about her were very similar to his conduct with a woman named Samara Danan, now Samara Urban.

I did not accuse my husband of adultery with USAF Maj Carmen Baxter; I said their relationship was personal and inappropriate.

The reason I believe that is that on or about October 9, 2014 USAF Maj Carmen Baxter had received a formal Letter of Admonishment from USAF Col Louis Martinez. USAF Maj Carmen Baxter contacted my husband when he was  home with me on vacation, saying that  she wanted Arthur to get personaly involved in her scheme to get back at Martinez. Arthur agreed, and then asked me to write a letter for him, n behalf of USAF Maj Carmen Baxter.

USAF  Col Martinez was both USAF Maj Carmen Baxter and Arthur’s commanding officer.

Arthur hated Col Martinez because in August of 2013, after Arthur had failed numerous physical fitness tests, Col Matinez called Arthur into his office and allowed a tech sergeant to order Arthur to stand at attention, while Col Martinex read Arthur the riot act for his pathetic fitness record. Col. Matrinez was going to send Arthur to Military Officer Boot Camp for a month, where Arthur  would have been ordered around by a tech sergeant as though Arthur were a new recruit who needd to get into shape.  (In December of 2014 Col Martinez told me he had considered dishonorably discharging Arthur that day.)  Arthur was absolutely outraged that someone like Martinez had the audacity to order “The Great Arthur Greenwood” around. Arthur called me and later we exchanged emails about this. In sum, Arthur considered Martinez to be beneath him in every way, he felt that Martinez was  a pathetic, poorly trained incompetent medical doctor and he strongly resented being forced to try to hold in his enormous gut (see photos of Arthur) while being berated by Martinez in front of the lower ranking enlisted man.  From that day in August of 2013 forward, Arthur had a personal vendetta against USAF Col Louis Martinez, and any involvement  on his part to collude with USAF Maj Carmen Baxter against USAF Col.  Martinez was inappropriate and personal on its face.

In the early morning of October 9, 2014 Arthur came  rushing down the hall to were I was sitting at my desk, is his fakest “Winnie the Pooh” voice saying,  “Elaine, you have to write this letter.” I had just seen a series of text from USAF Maj Carmen Baxter to Arthur where she is seeking Arthur’s  help to get back at Col Martinez. I told Arthur I would not write such a letter and that I thought it was inappropriae that he was getting personally involved in the matter. He literaly swtiched to the, “you are a nasty fucking bitch” mode and stormed off, and wrote the letter himself, which USAF Maj Carmen Baxter then thanked him effusively for.

Our 2013 Federal Income Taxes were overdue, Arthur had a 2:00 PM appointment later that day with our Tax Preparer, then he had to get back to Hampton, Va.  I did not think more of the situation with USAF Maj. Carmen Baxter.  And I still had no idea at that time that USAF Maj Carmen Baxter had been on at least one trip with my husband and with him at other social events.  I simply thought that USAF Maj Carmen Baxter’s texts on October 9, 2015, to my husband (whom she knew was home with me on vacation) were inappropriate because Arthur should have been supporting his commanding officer, not working behind his commanding officer’s back to undermine him.

On October 9, 2014 I did not even make the connection that the “Martinez” in the text was the commanding officer who made Arthur stand at attention for 30 miuntes trying to hold in his enormous beer gut. I merely felt that as a matter of principle, Arthur should either support his chain of command or stay out of it, which, up to the situation with USAF Maj Carmen Baxter on October 9, 2014 had always been Arthur’s policy 100% of the time  – for his entire military career and the 18 years we had been together.

I thought his relationship with USAF Maj Carmen Baxter was too personal and inappropriate back in October of 2014, and I think so today, January 20, 2016.

USAF Medical Officer Major Carmen Baxter threatened to sue me because I referred to her personal relationship with my husband as inappropriate.

And here are the specifics, of  Dr. Carmen Baxter contacting my husband on October 9, 2014, while Arthur was on vacation with me, pleading with my husband,  to get him involved in some scheme Baxter had related to a formal Letter of Admonishment from the US Air Force that Baxter had received from her Commanding officer USAF Col  Louis Martinez.  I thought it was in appropriate for my husband to get involved with a subordinate, and to involve himself in a scheme against USAF Col. Louis Martinez, who was also my husband’s Commanding Officer.

Later I learned that Carmen Baxter and my husband had been on a trip together several months earlier (a trip during which my husband refused to accept or return a call or a text, and which he lied about.

Apparently there were other social events that my husband and Carmen Baxter shared. And then there was a text on October 14, 2014 about my husband meeting with Dr. Baxter at 9:30PM  on October 14, 2014, an evening when my husband told me he’d gone to bed early.

Dr. Carmen Baxter FB Dr. Carmen Baxter


Here are emails and a letter I received from Carmen Baxter, and my response.  It is clear that Dr. Carmen Baxter knew about the claims of Domestic Violence, Spousal Abuse and Abuse of a Vulnerable Adult.  So, what did this medical doctor do to protect me.  Absolutely nothing.  In fact, on February 21, 2015 Dr. Carmen Baxter used her military email account to send the following email maliciously (and falsely)  accusing me of animal abuse and other illegal conduct.


Feb 17 2015 email from Baxter-1

Feb 17 2015 email from Baxter-2   Feb 17 2015 email from Baxter-3




Beyond  my comments about Baxter’s inappropriate personal relationship with my husband, which included Baxter drawing Arthur into the drama created when she received a formal Letter of Admonishment (which Arthur  then tried to get me to write his letter on her behalf); and some texts;  and a trip that Baxter and my husband took together, that he lied to me about;  and her threat to sue  me; and the letter from her attorney threatening to sue me; and then her malicious defamatory email sent to the Doberman Pinscher Club of America on or about February 21, 2015; I have had absolutely no contact of any kind with USAF Medical Officer Maj. Carmen Baxter.  From what little I know of her, she is a disgrace as a woman, as a USAF officer  and as a medical doctor.

This page will be updated to include any and all  correspondence among Baxter and Sandy Teague, Marj Brooks and/or  Sue Korps



An Inappropriate Personal Relationship with my husband

Updated on February 17, 2015 after receiving an email from  Dr. Carmen Baxter

I need to preface all of this with the fact that I do not know this Dr. Carmen Baxter creature and have had no interaction with her outside of what is mentioned on this page.  And up until yesterday, February 17, 2015 I was actually trying to put noxious, egocentric creatures like her out of my mind.  But since she has brought this all up again with her February 17, 2015 email, I am more than happy to turn back to her conduct and take a second look.

The opinions and impressions expressed herein – of this strident, thoughtless, immature, selfish woman were generated entirely by the conduct of  Arthur and Carmen as referenced herein.

And make no mistake,  I believe that Dr. Carmen Baxter had an inappropriate personal relationship with my husband.  It is my right to hold this belief,  based upon my experiences with both my husband and Dr. Baxter.   Another thing, I live in this world and know full well the meaning of words like whore, slut, etc.  I did not use those words related to Carmen. Rather, I have said that she had an inappropriate personal relationship with my husband, and that the totality of their relationship and his conduct with her, most especially his explosive anger and threats when he was simply asked a direct question about a series of texts related to Carmen Baxter in sum define an “inappropriate personal relationship.”

Consider just Arthur’s response to “did you meet with Carmen at 9:30 last night?”  Of all the options available to Arthur, including things like, “Oh, yes, we were just going over medical charts, or a patient’s history…”  or whatever, Arthur chose violence, threats and ugly evasion.  His violent reaction about a simple question mirrored his conduct back in 2009 when he was confronted with our cell phone bills, which exposed an adulterous relationship with a female co-worker.  Back in 2009 it started with my simple, innocent question about his pattern of phone calls,  which  revealed  an inappropriate  personal relationship with a female co-worker.  And back then, Arthur was violent, abusive and cunningly manipulative,  attacking me, all the while denying the adultery for years before he finally admitted to it.

If people think that adultery is a victimless crime, they are wrong.  Adultery causes immeasurable pain.  Adultery destroys trust in a marriage, it destroys love,  it destroys families and it destroys lives.  It does more than just damage the innocent spouse, it leaves a wake of misery that society has to pick up the pieces for.

It goes without saying that a medical doctor should possess a sense of decorum and good judgment which would reflect well on him / her. This is also true of a military officer.  These qualities are earned by and through conduct and behavior.  They are not due to a person simply because the sleazy horny moron graduated medical school, nor are they due because after-the-fact the arrogant, myopic self-absorbed P O S suddenly has a tiny whiff of insight and realizes that their  conduct reflects poorly on them.  You can not demand that people ignore what they experienced of you.  Nor can you threatened to sue people because they are telling the truth about what they experienced of you.  When you act in a dishonorable, unethical, immoral, manipulative and/or  deceitful manner, you can expect that is how you will be perceived.

Even more on point here, if women in the work place wish to be treated as professionals, they need to act like professionals.  If they want to blur the lines between personal and professional relationships, which is by far the single greatest cause of adultery, then they have to accept the consequences for the poor  “unprofessional” choices they are making.  If you are married and sending personal texts to a married co-worker, even the most morally and ethically challenged among us recognizes that the text communications must be above reproach.  That is not only a matter of common decency and normative Christian values, but it is the barest minimal “Professional Standard of Conduct.”

Here are texts from Dr. Carmen Baxter to Arthur  Greenwood which, for me, show a manipulative egocentric creature who is repeatedly reaching out to my husband on a personal level, even imploring him to become directly involved with her issues with a formal reprimand she received from her superior officer, thereby injecting my husband into a controversy which goes beyond any sort of “professional” relationship.

To wit:  Carmen Baxter apparently misses my husband so much she has to send him a personal text “…  wish u were here” so she can share with him her ego gratification in being “treated like a physician” because “the world is all about this Carmen creature” and her ego, and she has to share her personal “thought farts” with my husband. FYI Carmen, there is no professional context for how often your ego gets stroked. Go share that kind of personal crap with your frickin husband.

And here is something that Carmen may not know, the “why” was my comment.  Arthur had given me an Ipad for  my 60th birthday, I knew nothing about the device, so he set it up, and apparently set it up  so that it was receiving his text messages. I never actually used the Ipad, it sat on a table by my desk, and chirped away.  I never really noticed what it was doing, but one day it chirped and I looked over and saw, “Learning a lot, wish u were  here!” and I thought, “How sweet, Arthur is thinking of me, and he misses me.”  And I asked “why” given that I really did not understand the context.  Then I realized the text was not from Arthur, it was to Arthur.   

2014 Sept 22 text from CarmenBaxter wish u were here

Then Dr. Carmen Baxter contacts Arthur, when he is home with me on vacation, begging for his personal  help in her scheme to get back at Col Martinez, whom I believe is their boss.  At issue is a Letter of Admonishment Carmen Baxter received  from Col Martinez which she characterizes as an “ambush” in a context of “bullshit stuff.”  She then implores my husband, “I need help.”   How about Carmen showing a measure of respect for her commanding officer Col Martinez  and writing something like, “I [Dr. Carmen Baxter]  did something wrong, got caught and received a Letter of Admonishment, because I deserved it?”  And then she can take the missive, fold it three ways and shove it up her own ass, or  send that bit of self awareness to her own frickin husband!!!  And leaving my husband out of it!

cDon’t know about you, but I can not think of a single person who would approach a superior at work, asking that the superior collude with them to essentially undermine a higher ranking superior officer – unless the two had a close personal relationship.  In this case said “close personal relationship”  is inappropriate.  This Carmen chick clearly has no problem what-so-ever asking my husband to involve himself in a contentious situation with a superior officer. The fact that Arthur is so passionate to assist Carmen is again indicative of a close personal relationship.  And it is inappropriate on so many levels, including that Arthur should have either stayed out of it completely or supported his superior officer Col Martinez.

You should know

Having spoken with Col Martinez on numerous occasions, I find Dr. Baxter’s characterization of the context of her Letter of Admonishment offensive to say the least.  It is clear to me from her texts to my husband that Carmen has no  regard for her commanding officer. In fact, my general impression of Carmen Baxter is that she seems to feel that she  is the epicenter of the universe. She has no conscience or moral compass that prohibits her from  manipulating people to do her bidding.  And no awareness that she has done something wrong.   Even her tone about Col Martinez is offensive, in my opinion reflecting a woman without honor or regard for her service.

sorry Arthur your support was so much more  blow this off

At the time of these texts Arthur is telling me that he is Carmen Baxter’s supervisor, yet she referrers to him as Arthur, and not “Sir” or “Dr. Greenwood” (which would be professional salutations).  Dr. Carmen Baxter is asking my husband to get involved in a personal matter, involving a career risk,  which is a request that only a very close personal friend would ever even consider making.  In the texts Carmen reveals both her manipulative nature, and a personal relationship with my husband that I find extremely inappropriate.

In the email from Dr. Carmen Baxter (copied further below )  Baxter threatens to sue me for saying that she had an inappropriate  personal relationship with my husband.  Be clear: I am Elaine Greenwood. I will accept service of process at 3748 Vass Carthage Rd, Carthage NC, 28327.  Have at it, and know that I will counter sue, and litigate this forever you nasty cow!   And btw, at some point the litigation will have to involve your close personal buddy Arthur and you will have to reveal an address where he can accept service of process. As it is, he is hiding like the immoral, unethical, coward he is.  So by all means protect him, help him evade the consequences for his conduct.

BTW, there is a Warrant For Communicating Threats  for Arthur’s arrest, which can not be served because we have no address to serve him.  How is it honorable to be aiding Arthur in avoiding the consequences for his conduct? 

Years ago when Arthur was working with Col. Pau;  Westphal (have to dig out the emails) at Pope Air Force base, Col Westphal had a situation arise where – in Arthur’s estimation –  Westphal was entirely in the right, and Arthur knew it, and yet Arthur would not lift a finger to intercede on Westphal’s behalf, and even had me act as the go between, because Arthur was too much of a coward to even tell Westphal he would not support him at all.  But here, with this Carmen “My-Trip-Buddy” Baxter,  Arthur passionately leaps to her aid, on his vacation no less, embroiling himself in her peccadillo, and then becomes furious at me, for not writing a letter for him (for Carmen),  and then later threatens me for simply asking if he met with her as his texts imply.  And I now note that what Carmen describes in her email to me of February 17, 2015 is entirely inconsistent with what Arthur told me about her, and about their relationship, including their personal social interactions and the trip to Baltimore in January of 2014.   So either he is lying, or she is lying, or both are liars.

Go Air Force!

Does anybody have a dictionary that include words like:  truth, honor, fidelity, integrity, morality, decorum? 

On October 9, 2014 there was  the call from Carmen and then Arthur rushing down the hall,   “Elaine, you have to write this letter for me”    i.e. Arthur wanted me to write a letter for Dr. Carmen Baxter in response to a Letter of Admonishment that  Baxter received from their boss, Col. Laius Martinez, whom Arthur had a grudge against because in August of 2013 Col  Martinez made Arthur stand at attention (which involved Arhtur having to try to suck in his massive gut   Arthur Obese 123 while Arthur’s  weight related PT failures were addressed, which made Arthur furious, and arguably vindictive. (Insert Arthur’s texts and emails about this ).  I told Arthur it was inappropriate for him to even get involved with Carmen Baxter’s problems, and I refused to write a letter for this creature – Dr. Carmen Baxter, which made Arthur angry.  He stormed  off to write the letter  himself, which Carmen later gushes about.  I can not think of a single time when Arthur would have written a letter for me, or for his children or for anyone.

At the time I did not know that Carmen was one of the co-workers he was on the Baltimore trip with.

Later on this very day, October 9, 2014,  Arthur completely blows off an appointment with our Tax Preparer to file our long overdue 2013 Federal Income Tax Return.  The appointment was for 2:00 pm.  Arthur spent that time on October 9, 2014  with our horses, and Dr. George Veasy, who is the husband of our horse trainer.  At that time five of our horses were at Dr. Veasy’s farm / training facility.  A few weeks later Arthur is furious at Dr. Veasy, called him a “nasty fucking drunk” (insert audio recording of Arthur)  and wanted to punch him in the face. Arthur’s irrational violent conduct apparently exceeded Dr. Veasy’s tolerance for Arthur (who routinely paid his bills months and months late). On or about December 4, 2014 Dr. Veasy and his wife trailered all five of the horses, including a stallion, a pregnant mare, a lactating mare, a 2014 foal and anther mare to my residence.  There are not /were not proper facilities for all these horses.  We used string to enclose one of the paddocks and then dumped the mare and foal in with two other mares in a small mud hole of a paddock.

Arthur used one of my disabilities and his need to come help take care of things here (which at the time only included two horses, we now have seven) as his reason to request early retirement in early November of 2014.

October 15, 2014 – which initially was simply about the 2013 Federal Tax Return.   I will  add to this, including text and emails, but basically:   On October 15, 2014 the tax preparer, her daughter and I simply tried to get ahold of Arthur to get the taxes filed.  Arthur was  not returning calls or texts.  Given Arthur’s history of grossly irresponsible behavior, given that he had not filed 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 Federal Income Tax returns until July of 2013 (and had lied to the IRS saying that he was deployed during those years and that was why he had not filed), given his pattern of lying, cheating, hiding marital assets, hiding marital income, tax evasion and tax fraud,  and disappearing for weeks at a time, and given that October 15, 2014 was the deadline for the extension to file 2013 Federal Income Taxes, there was some urgency to get ahold of Arthur.  Only he could fill out the return,  because only he had access to the data we needed to file.

On this day we were all trying every number we could find for Arthur.  I eventually had a conversation with Dr. JoAnn Poole whom I believe is a Major in the USAF, and is or was Arthur’s direct superior.  Some of what I said to Dr. Poole was communicated to Arthur.  Subsequently, Arthur threatened me if I said anything to anyone about Dr. Carmen Baxter  or discussed the truth about what he’d been doing all these years.   Specifically, Arthur said that he would kill me, he would destroy me, that I would burn in hell, that he was at war with me, that I had crossed a line, etc.  And for reptiles like Dr. Carmen Baxter, I feel compelled to add that even the memories  of those threats are horrific for me. those threats are the verbal form of Domestic Violence.   And as a fact, Arthur acted on his threats, because his collegues at the Langley Eustis Air Force Base Hospital allowed him to.  Dr. Poole, Dr Gorely (sp ?) et al did absolutely  nothing to protect me from Arthur and his theats.   Because of  Arthur, I went without food over Christmas, and had to choose between buying food for myself or feeding and  caring for all these horses (seven, including a stallion, a pregnant mare, a lactating mare, a 2014  filly) and 16  adult Dobermans,  and paying long overdue bills to vets and feed stores and just about everyone.   At one point, in early January,  I was down to 99 lbs., from a normal weight of about 140 lbs. I was literally starving. On January 9, 2015 the animals ran out of food all together.  They would have starved if a friend had not insisted on buying food for them. Arthur’s comment when I told him about the dramatic weight loss, the dizziness, the impossibility of handling  all these animals especially given the facility, and my age / disabilities , and the fact that the animals were going to run completely out of food was, “misery is what you deserve.”  And ” the judge will award you less alimony” because you paid some long over-due vet bills and purchased worming medication and parasite control for the dogs.”

Almost immediately after Arthur’s threats on October 15, 2014,  I again spoke with Dr. Poole. I was crying. I told Dr. Poole that Arthur had threatened me. Dr. Poole asked if I was afraid of him.   I respond that  I was afraid of him and afraid that he will harm me.  Dr. Poole then asked if I wanted her to have the IG contact me about Arthur. I responded, “Yes.”  This exchange created a duty for Dr Poole to follow up on a claim of Domestic Violence. (insert link to audio recording of Dr. Poole’s October 15, 2014 voice mail message to me and video from January 26 of 2015)

From October 15, 2014 until this moment February 18, 2015, the medical staff at Langley Eustis Hospital has done absolutely nothing at all to follow up on this claim of Domestic Violence other than to mislead me and protect Arthur Greenwood.  I have been impacted and damaged by Dr. Poole’s utter failure to respond.  This is either the most inept, unprofessional gang of miscreants masquerading as medical professionals  or they have such monumentally poor judgment they acted in collusion with their colleague – Arthur Greenwood to help him evade responsibility for his conduct.  The conduct of the medical professionals at Langley Eustis hospital aided and abetted Arthur in terrorizing and abusing me.    At the very least, I believe there needs to be a Congressional Investigation of how the medical staff at Langley Eustis failed to respond to a claim of Domestic Violence, which would have lead to the history of other violence and spousal abuse in my marriage.  Medical professionals have a duty related to reports of Domestic Violence.  So when  Carmen Baxter starts throwing around threats of suing me, it evokes  a very natural response from me that I have been entirely too tolerant here,  for far too long.

Emails to and from Arthur on October 15, 2014 and October 16, 2014

2014 Oct 16 and 15 emails from Arthur and me

2014 Oct 16 you are Cheri


December 1, 2014 text messages between Arthur and I – with  his irrational,  angry,  explosive reaction to his precious Carmen being mentioned, all the while  ignoring the enormity of all the other things he has done,  that were mentioned.  It as only the comment about St. Carmen that made Arthur react.

2014 Dec 1 better off as a team l gray     2014 Dec 1 Affair 2014 Dec 1 you bring up Samara  2014 Dec 1 you will burn in hell 2014 Dec 1 you sound pathetic


February 17, 2015  email exchange with Carmen Baxter – after four months of pure hell, The Great Dr.  Carmen Baxter finally rears her ugly reptilian head, to threaten to sue me.  I will concede that my impulse was to respond with utter profanity and outrage that this arrogant, thoughtless, manipulative  piece of trash was demanding anything at all of me.  It was all I could do to restrain myself and remember that creatures like Carmen have no awareness that what they do impacts the people around them. For these kinds of people, they are the center of the universe, and the chaos they create for others is of no consequence to them at all.  It is incredulous to me that Carmen has no awareness of any kind that her conduct impacted me, my relationship with my husband,  and  my marriage.  Her email is all about her. For Carmen it is only her life and her comfort that are of importance. If she is now  uncomfortable being revealed as who she is, she should be.  Who and what she is is appalling.

I include here the February 17 2015  email from Dr. Carmen Baxter and my response to Carmen Baxter.

From Carmen Baxter on Feb 17 2015

My response to Carmen Baxter on Feb 17 2015

Here are some thoughts for Carmen: You are not the center of the universe.  You chose to have a personal relationship with my husband, that is / was too personal and inappropriate. Your inappropriate conduct  impacted my life and my marriage.  Can you grasp that you are not the only person on the planet  who  values their home, their family and their marriage?  You are not special.  Being a doctor does not imbue you with anything special. In fact, here’s a big FYI for you: Being a doctor is not a divine calling from god.  It is a job, no more and no less.  You and your buddy Arthur do not get a free pass to destroy the lives of everyone in your wake because you chose this job.  Your family and your home are no more important than mine.  And most important of all, if you do not like how your conduct reflects on you, adjust your conduct.  You had choices, and made some very poor ones.   The very fact that you received a Letter of Admonishment speaks to your lack of good judgment and poor conduct.  You should have the good sense and humility to admit that you made poor choices, exercised poor judgment and got caught.  Instead of going after Col Martinez, you could have simply accepted the consequences of your poor behavior, learned from it,  and moved on.   You had no business asking my husband to personally get involved in your Letter of Admonishment,  and / or your scheme against Col Martinez.  That was your private agenda, and your mess to deal with.  And it was too personal for Arthur to be involved with.

In fact, your text to my husband, “…  wish u were here” without any salutation of any kind is “too personal.” Why does  my husband need to know that you miss him?  Why does he need to be thinking about  you one way or the other?  Go tell your own frickin husband that you miss him.  In fact, get your frickin husband to come to your defense with Col Martinez and leave my husband out of it.

Here is something that narcissistic creatures with no empathy or ability to connect to others will be unable to understand, much less appreciate.  When you learn that the man you have loved for almost twenty years,  and have placed above all others, and have sacrificed for, and borrowed hundreds of thousand of dollars for him, and gone without for,  including going without necessary medical and dental care,  and given up your daughter for, and have lived in hell to accommodate, and in return he has lied to you and cheated on you, and committed adultery and god only knows what all else, and you have summoned every ounce of god’s love and courage, and forgiven him, again and again, and accepted  him back again and again,  as your husband, in that most  sacred of sacred unions, because  you treasure the vows you made to Almighty God to love and cherish him, for better and worse, forsaking all others, until death parts you,  you do not go around looking for any other examples of him lying, cheating, deceiving you and / or committing adultery.  You actually try to believe the filthy, lying, cheating, rat-bastard, and you cling to even a tiny kernel of what he is telling you, hoping that he will someday connect to god and simple morality, and tell the truth about something.   For human beings with a normal range of emotions and a belief in god, giving up on a marriage is the most excruciating thing to do.

I readily concede that Arthur’s texts that he is meeting Carmen in his exam room at 9:30 pm on the evening of October 14, 2014 (when he should have been working on the 2013 Federal Income Tax Return) could have been innocent.

Did you meet with Carmen

But when I simply asked Arthur, “What did you do last night?”  and he responded, “I went to bed early”  it prompted the next question, (referring to the texts), “Did you meet with Carmen Baxter in your exam room at 9:30 last night?”  Arthur became furious, enraged and threatening, at the mere question, and his over reaction raised concerns, especially for a wife who has endured adultery and has been lied to as many times as I have been lied to.

And then I find out that Carmen was with Arthur on the January 2014 trip to Baltimore, which Arthur flat out lied about.

And btw, Carmen’s version of the Baltimore  trip and Arthur’s version are not the same, so either one is lying, or both are lying, but there are lies about that trip, and ugly painful memories for me, that Carmen’s reptilian thoughtlessness have  just stirred up again.  But what would a narcissistic creature like Dr. Carmen Baxter care about the emotional and  physical health and well being of another woman?  Especially a woman who has been a victim  of  domestic violence, and spousal abuse, and who has endured years of hell, and  threats, and going without food, and living  in hell … and on and on.  Why would Carmen care anything at all about any of the most common women’s issues facing our society?  Far as I can see, for people like Carmen, it is all about  themselves.

Oh wait, doesn’t Carmen’s profession expect at least some minimal level of connection to the concerns of people she sees?

After eighteen years with Arthur I have to wonder if the medical training itself makes arrogant, thoughtless, selfish, detached, egocentric reptiles out of medical students, or if they were that way to begin with, or if it is just the cross section  that I have seen.

I only found out about the Baltimore trip at about 5:00 a.m. the morning of.  Arthur promised me that he would not go on that trip to Baltimore, in part because he had lied about it, and in part because  trips like this are not even remotely necessary, and we all know it.  These trips are considered “perks” offered by companies to entice someone to do something –  in a casual social setting rather than a professional setting.  Any legitimate objective of these trips can almost always be accomplished without this sort of relaxed social function. These trips are thinly disguised opportunities to drink and fraternize with  co-workers,  and blur personal and professional boundaries.  These trips lead to inappropriate personal relationships which blossom into adultery.   Given that adultery is most common with co-workers who spend too much time together in social settings – with alcohol,  and given the societal costs of adultery, one would think that the both the United States military and American Medical profession in general (and OBGYNS most  of all), would set a standard in support of normative Christian Family Values and do away with these invitations  to adultery masquerading as “business trips.”

Arthur promised not to go on this particular trip because he had lied about the trip even before he went on the trip.  The trip itself represented Arthur breaking his promise to me about how he would handle these sorts of social / drinking situations.  But he went anyway, and then he would not take or return any calls while on the trip, except at the very end, when he accidently took my call, and I asked him who he was with, and if I could say “hello” to them, and he hung up and would not accept a call from me.  So I texted him and said, “Hey, we got disconnected.  Do me a favor, use your IPhone and take a photo of who you are with at this moment, and send it to me, so that I know everything is on the up and up.  Because this is all starting to feel like Samara all over again.”

And he ignored me for days. Apparently he was having too good of a time with his Trip Buddies to even speak to his wife or address his wife’s concerns, which were grounded in years of his adultery and lies.

I do not for one minute buy that these “trips” are anything more that an opportunity for co-workers to blur the lines between a credible work relationship and a personal  relationship.  These sorts of trips involve socializing and alcohol,  which leads to a “too personal relationship” with co-workers.  Arthur has insisted that the reason he had committed adultery with Samara in 2008 and 2009 was that he had a beer at a social function with co-workers,  and, like a filthy rutting goat, he simply could not keep his dick in his pants after that beer.  Arthur’s story was that with alcohol,  he had absolutely no self control at all and lost any sense of morality or his marriage vows in these sorts of pseudo work / social situations.

Arthur had a history of adultery in his previous marriage, and I believe he gave his first wife an STD.  In fact, I think that Arthur has committed adultery many times in our marriage, going back to San Antonio in 2005, and his going away party in 2008 and  at his “love nest” in Winston Salem (furnished with hidden marital income and assets) during  his OBGYN residency. He admitted the adultery in Lubbock, Texas with a co-worker Samara Jane Danan.

I would like to see Arthur’s medical records to see what steps he took to protect me from sexually transmitted diseases.  Given that he is an OBGYN, and that he told me he gave his first wife an STD, he absolutely knows the dangers of transmitting STDs. I want to see what steps he took to protect me after he had sex with Samara. I believe that having unprotected sex with me after having had sex with Samara is assault. If he transmitted STD  to me, that is battery. Arthur is an OBGYN, he is an officer in the United States Air Force.  He has a duty to act in a manner that is above a filthy monkey in heat.

I  would imagine that many many many adulterous relationships start out on these trips. If nothing else, the trips make it too easy to blur the lines between a personal and a professional relationship,  opening the door to an intimacy that allows for asking for things that are both unprofessional and arguably unethical, which brings me right back to Dr. Carmen Baxter.

As for Carmen’s inference that having medical professionals around has any impact on people’s  intent or ability to either commit adultery, or start on the road to committing adultery by engaging in an inappropriate personal relationship with a co-worker,  give me a frickin break.  As I reflect back, almost  everyone we knew in Arthur’s medical school class has committed adultery, and many of these adulterous relationships began on a “trip” like the one to Baltimore.

I have about had it with Carmen Baxter.  How this woman, with no self awareness or social boundaries,  can possibly be an enlightened, empathic caregiver is beyond  me.  Whether as a woman, as a wife, or as a loving compassionate human being, an egocentric reptile like Dr. Carmen Baxter is the last person on earth I would allow to treat me or any one I loved. And she is the very last person who should be raising a child and passing on  her values and mores.  I would not let this selfish egotist raise and provide nurturing, love and guidance for a cockroach, much less a child.

Another thought: I have not had one trip or one day off, not one “going away party” or football game party or any frickin party, not even an anniversary celebration or Birthday party.  I live in fear, with horrific memories of years of abuse, in this disgusting filthy dog kennel,   taking care of all these animals that Arthur impulsively insisted we acquire, so he could fulfil his dreams of being an Olympic horse breeder.  He’s  already realized the unrelated goal of being an Olympic caliber liar and sleaze.  So, how about all of you Arthur Buddies, who have protected him, and facilitated him, and supported him, like Carmen, and JoAnn and the whole gang of you, how about you all get off your  sanctimonious asses and get a dose of reality about him.  Come and live here in this hell hole and clean up dog shit and horse shit day after day, year after year,  so that Arthur can be this big time horse breeder.

Here is an email, from October 10, 2014 showing how obsessed and delusional Arthur is about these frickin horses. 2014 Oct 10 Arthur arranging to send Jewells to Europe  I have no clue who the “we” is in this scheme of Arthur’s, but it is not me. Arthur and I had no agreement of any kind about sending Jewells anywhere. In fact, at the time of this email, we had not filed our 2013 Federal Taxes, we owed thousands of dollars to everyone including horse trainers, veterinarians, feed dealers and god knows how all else.  I have been forced to live in hell, while Arthur repeatedly promised me that we would get a loan and remodel this home to make it livable, and that I could finally get medical care and dental work that I had been forced to put off for years and years… and yet here Arthur is arranging to send this stupid filly to Europe.

I would love to drive away from this hell hole, to an address that Arthur will know nothing about,  so that I can  maybe feel safe again, and put some of this misery and ugliness behind me,  and Arthur can chase me all across the USA,  to serve me, in whatever state I may eventually chose to reside in.

Something else, given Arthur’s conduct, his scheming,  and a note on his calendar that he saw a Lawyer at 11:00 am on August 27, 2014, I think he had a plan all along, that included the plan to get through his Wake Forest Residency without Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center finding out that he was violating his  contract with them by moonlighting during his OGBYN Residency.  I think this was part of the reason he refused to file Federal Income Tax returns for 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 in a timely manner.  And I think he strung me along, and let me live below the level of poverty, with promises that he loved me, and that he would work on this marriage, and either remodel this home or buy a new one,  and whatever else he thought I wanted to hear, so that he could go skipping off with a few of the horses, as some frickin OBGYN, leaving me broken in the dust, just like he left his three children in the dust after we purchased that first horse.   I think Arthur has absolutely no connection at all to other people’s feelings and the fact that what he does destroys other peoples lives.  For him, it is all about him, about getting what he wants in the moment,  and his impulsive whims, first last and always.

It is chilling to read what Arthur told Dr. Loren W.  McCollom back in March of 1998,  that the only reason he married his first wife was, “in order to get BAQ.”  And that he knew he did not love her before he married her. He then had three children with the woman, whom he coldly admits he did not ever love.  And when these children were 6, 7 and 8 years of age,  he ignored them, for ten years, not a phone call, not a birthday card, not a Christmas card… because Arthur did not want his children to know about his obsession with breeding. He even told the residency program in Albany New York that he had no children. He let his family blame me for him not contacting  them, and for all these frickin animals.  If you have a brain in your head, you’ve gotta to ask, “If I could not stop Arthur from calling that adulterous slut Samara at all hours  of the day and night, how on earth can anyone believe that I kept him from contacting his own children for ten years?

Arthur did not have the integrity to explain to his children or his family  the truth about all the time and money he wasted trying to be some frickin Olympic Horse Breeder / show dog breeder, and worst of all, he did  not love his own children enough to care about the horrific impact on them growing up without any contact from their own father.

Given what I have seen of Arthur John  Greenwood soc sec#  455-57-2507  for almost twenty years now, I believe he is a sociopath, who has and will hurt me and others because he is without normative morals,  values  or integrity, and he has no  connection to the impact of what he is doing.   I think that is what Dr. Clifford’s evaluation of Arthur from back in March of 1998 essentially said, and it is true based upon my experiences with Arthur. Again and again and again, the recurring theme in our marriage was that  Arthur had no connection to morality or integrity and no care what-so-ever about the impact of his conduct on others, especially those whom he is supposed to love.  He lies, cheats and steals without a second thought because he has no moral compass to guide him.  He is also an abusive bully with an explosive temper, who has threatened me and physically assaulted me for years when I  would not go along with his impulsive whims and schemes.

Arthur will say and do anything to get out of the trouble he creates and  without a second thought about who he hurts in the process.

On January 30, 2015 Arthur texted me that he “still cared for  me and that he loved me before I called the Air Force.”    I believe he was trying to manipulate me by offering a kind of pathetic crumb  that has passed for affection in our marriage (i.e., that – but for my failings – he would have loved me).  The next day Arthur texted  that  I “brought the Air Force into our lives” and that this “will effect [his] income.”  Arthur is trying to frighten me, with a thinly veiled threat that I have heard repeatedly over the years, that the “wrong” here is my telling the truth about who he is and what he’s done.  There is absolutely no connection on  Arthur’s  part to his unethical, immoral and illegal conduct and the consequences. Nor is there any awareness of the impact of what he has done to me over the years. As always, it is all about him.   Arthur said it best back in October  and on  January 5, 2015,  because I have told the truth about him, Arthur is out to destroy me, he is at war with me,  he wants me dead, and for him, the misery he has created in my life is “what I deserve.”


Dr. Arthur John Greenwood – a.k.a. Lt Col Arthur John Greenwood – Social Security # 455-57-2507  is an immoral unethical creature and a common criminal.   He had violated every oath and vow he has ever taken. He has stolen roughly $20,000.00 (twenty thousand dollars) on his DITY moves. He has committed Insurance Fraud, writing prescriptions in my name, that were billed to my insurance, for drugs that were not for me and could not have been for me.  His years of moonlighting which earned over $230,000,00 – were in Breach of   Contract with both the United States Air Force and the Texas Tech Residency Program and with Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center.  Arthur’s moonlighting  not only put his patients at risk, it put the hospitals where he worked at risk.  Arthur  intentionally lied on his recent security clearance, he defaulted on his student Loans and ignored that $60,000.00 +/- debt for over ten years, failed to report almost $40,000.00 of cash income from overseas, all while spending about a million dollars to be a horse / dog breeder.  The Internal Revenue Service throws people in jail for the kinds of  Tax Fraud and Tax Evasion Arthur J. Greenwood has committed and jail  is exactly where Arthur John Greenwood belongs.  Arthur Greenwood has consistently demonstrated that he can not be trusted to act within the boundaries of the law or society. He is threatening and abusive when – just like the Complainant against him  with the North Carolina Medical Board described.   His word means nothing, not to the military, not to any Medical Association, not on any Contract, not to his children and certainly not to me.   If any one has ever been jailed for theft of military goods and services, or Insurance Fraud, or Tax  Evasion, then Arthur should be jailed for too.  By and through his own choices and his conduct Arthur J. Greenwood has proven himself to be entirely  unfit to be either a medical doctor an officer in the United States Air Force Officer, or to ever hold any job or position where honesty, integrity and trust were required.

There is a book here, a Cautionary Tale, about abusive sociopaths and a profession that deludes individuals into thinking  that they are above the laws of both god and man.    And it is about the misery created by manipulative schemers who mask their utter lack of morals, integrity and normative Christian values behind the illusion created by their military rank and profession. It is the story of the most ugly, selfish  and destructive individual I have even known, Dr. Arthur John Greenwood, with an insignificant addendum about an odious  female co-worker who was so dazzled by this common criminal – Dr. Greenwood – that in her exceedingly poor judgment  she inappropriately sought Arthur’s  support when she received an official reprimand for her poor conduct.