2015 Feb 22 email sent from the USAF email acct of Maj. Carmen Blissit Baxter


BaxxterEUpdate February 23, 2015 

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I made the videos in question for Lt Col Elliot Pinero  and the Langley Eustis Hospital Base command on February 2, 2015. Here are details.  I sent the videos to Lt Col Pinero on February 3, 2015. USAF  Lt. Col Elliot Pinero was in my home on February 5, 2015.  I agree that the videos show horrific conditions.  No one knows this better than I, which is why I characterize it as ABUSE.

Basically, from early December of 2014 on, I have been  begging Arthur’s Base Commander Col John Allen or the Langley Eustis Hospital Command Col. Wayne Pritt to do something,  including requiring that Arthur follow through on his promise and sign off of the dogs, so that the dogs could be placed, and I would be free to live elsewhere.

At no time have I ever willingly  gone along with any of this.

For years and years Arthur has promised that we would remodel this house and make it livable.  But he always a made me wait for “just one more” high$$$ scheme or obsession of his, which always came before my most basic needs.  Arthur spent every nickel we have on being an Olympic Horse Breeder.  Here is an example from October of 2014  2014 Oct 10 Arthur arranging to send Jewells to Europe

I have merely been Arthur’s barn help /  kennel help.  And in the end, all of the Logres Farm animals got dumped on me when Arthur went skipping off to commit  adultery with wife # 3, because he was finally a Board Certified OBGYN.

Of all people, I know how horrible this situation is, for the Logres Farm animals and for me. I am the one who is here, 24/7 cleaning their crates, feeding them and cleaning up after them.  I have not ever allowed them to go without, not once, even if it meant that I went without food, as I did over Christmas. In fact, I have lost about fifty pounds since October 15, 2014, but the dog have not gone without.  In the video I mention that the dogs had  needed tape worm medicine, which was a month earlier, on January 5, 2015.  I purchased the Tape Worm medicine on January 5, 2015, and all of the dogs were medicated for Tape Worm on January 6, 2015. There was no further issue with tape worm.

My vet, Dr. Joseph Kinnarney, Reidsville Animal Hospital  FedEx’ed the tape worm medicine on January 5, 2015, because I asked them to,  literally moments after I saw ONE tape worm.  And then on January 7, 2015 Dr. Arthur Greenwood threatened me because he saw that I had  purchased the tape worm medicine – saying in a series of texts that I was “crazy” and pathetic for purchasing tape worm medicine for the dogs, and I   would “look horrible to the judge”  and I would “get less alimony” because I had purchased tape worm medicine and heart worm medicine for the dogs.  In response to my alarming weight loss, and the reality that the animals were going to run out of food, Arthur texted on January 5, 2015 “misery is what you deserve.”

As ugly as the videos are, and as ugly as Arthur Greenwood has been,  what is even uglier is what Dr. Carmen Baxter  did related to the Abuse of a Vulnerable Adult.

Here are videos of the some of the Logres Farm dogs seen on the February 2, 32019 video, which were taken on Capri taken on Februarys 3, 2015, Coco taken on February 3, 2015,  Shutterfly taken on February 25, 2015 and ‘ Adisa taken on Februarys 28, 2015. The dogs were not in danger or being abused, but I was.

Dr. Carmen Baxter is using her military rank and position as a doctor to harass me.  BAXTER, CARMEN C Maj USAF ACC 633 SGCS/SGCG carmen.baxter.1@us.af.mil

This is grounds for an official reprimand of Dr. Carmen Baxter.   2015 Feb 21 Dr. Carmen Baxter’s email animal abuse  Note that Dr. Baxter is using her full military rank, to harass me “unanimously” because she is a nasty vindictive creature whom I have told the truth about, including the truth about her conduct with my husband.

Dr. Carmen Baxter is not a compassionate woman offering to help me or the dogs. Rather, this nasty petty odious creature is trying to harass me, which is as ugly as I can imagine a person being. While I agree that the conditions are horrible, the Langley Eustis Hospital Command has known about this since early December of 2014 and done nothing.  Maybe Dr. Carmen Baxter should go complain to them..

If  Dr. Arthur Greenwood would sign off of the dogs he has walked away from, they could be placed. In spite of promises to do so, he has not.

As for Dr. Carmen Baxter’s ugliness and pettiness, there is no remedy.  She is what she is. I can clearly see why she received an official Letter of Admonishment back in October of 2014.