Dr. Carmen Baxter’s Malicious Libel of Me

On or about February 21, 2015 Dr. Carmen Baxter sent this email to the Doberman Pinscher Club of America, from her United States Air Force email Account, which identifies her, her rank in the United States Air Force, and her professional status.  Major Carmen Baxter  (a.k.a. BAXTER, CARMEN C Maj USAF ACC 633 SGCS/SGCG may have even used her work computer to send this email.  In the email Dr. Carmen Baxter makes a libelous accusation about me,  and it is clear from this email and her previous email to me that she  has malice for me.

Specifically, of concern is this false and libelous assertion by Dr. Carmen Baxter:  “I [Baxter] wish to remain anonymous if possible as I am also involved in litigation over false accusations she [Elaine Greenwood, breeder of Logres Dobermans ]  is posting about me online.”

Categorically, what I have written about Dr. Carmen Baxter is true, based upon her conduct, her texts to my husband and her email to me, and / or is my sincerely held opinion of her, based upon her conduct and my experiences of her.

I am asking that the Langley Air Force Base  – Col John  Allen officially reprimand  Dr. Baxter.

Moreover, if even one person conveys that he/she  believes Dr. Carmen Baxter’s claim that I have lied [made false accusations] about Dr. Carmen Baxter, I will sue Dr. Carmen Baxter for malicious libel.




From: BAXTER, CARMEN C Maj USAF ACC 633 SGCS/SGCG <carmen.baxter.1@us.af.mil>

Sent: Sat, Feb 21, 2015 11:50 am
Subject: animal abuse

To whom it may concern,

Elaine Greenwood (3748 Vass Carthage Rd, Carthage NC 28327) of "Logres Dobermans," AKC registered breeder 
(logresdobermans.com) has posted two websites "afobgyn.com" and "alwaysthrough.com" where she complains of 
the poor living conditions she and 16 Dobermans are "forced to live in."  two links she  provides are 
actually youtube videos of the conditions her Dobermans' live in. The links are found on alwaysthrough.com 
under the "spousal abuse" tab and then under the "how I have been forced to live" tab, 
half way down the page. The last two links show the dogs.  In these videos (below) she describes and shows 
the kennels they live in with feces.  
She shows one dog that looks emaciated who "needs heart worm medicine."  She also shows where they are 
"let out" and says they eat their own feces. 
 I am concerned for the wellbeing of these dogs especially since she and her husband are breeding these dogs.  
I wish to remain anonymous if possible as I am also involved in litigation over false accusations she is 
posting about me online.  
Let me know if anything else would help you investigate this breeder.