Arthur stole from the USAF on every DITY move he made, incuding:


June of 1999 – move from McCord AFB in Washington State to Andrews AFB in Washington DC


June of 2003 – move from Andrews AFB to Wright Patterson AFB in Dayton Ohio


June of 2004 – move from Wright Pat to Pope AFB in Fayetteville NC ( purchased tons of hay and charged USAF to move it


June of 2008 – move from Pope AFB to Texas Tech in Lubbock, Texas (moved nothing at all, purchased tons of  hay, weighed it, put it in the barn, and rented a furnished apartment in Lubbock, Texas. 1.   2008 DITY move    2.  Bank Statement re 2008 DITY move  3.  more 2008 DITY move