At the time of the video shown below Dr. Arthur John Greenwood was my husband.  He was living in relative luxury, I was living in abject poverty, struggling to care for the enormous number of horses and dogs Arthur had abandoned to my “care and custody.”  I was going  without food and medical care, all  because Arthur was angry that I had spoken up about his years of immoral, unethical and criminal conduct.

At the time this video was made Arthur  and his Chain of Command knew Arthur  was evading a Moore County, North Carolina Warrant for his Arrest for years of violence and abuse and communicating threats, including his threat to kill me because I had spoken up about his years of criminal conduct, which included insurance fraud, tax fraud  tax evasion and illegal moonlighting. The illegal moonlighting was by far the worst because it put  thousands of civilian North Carolina patients lives and due process rights at risk.  At the time of this video I had cooperated fully for years with the United States Air Force, including the  Langley AF Base ” CDI investigation”  of the criminal, immoral and unethical conduct of my husband.  By the time of this video the  “investigators” had long since  completely disappeared. In September of 2015 I filed  under the Freedom of Information Act for the results of their “CDI Investigation.”  As of January of 2018 I am still waiting for those FOIA results. That “CDI Investigation” was calculated,  manipulative, exploitative and  impinged upon  all of my due process rights.  It protected the criminal at the victim’s  expense and used the USAF to do so.

A few weeks after this video was made Arthur was allowed to exploit his 100% control of our finances to take everything I owned and everything I had worked and sacrificed  a lifetime to create and achieve, leaving me in abject poverty, homeless, terminally ill, with no vehicle, no money,  no retirement, and no community property.

You sure wouldn’t know any of that  from the glowing ABC New video. Arthur’s  Chain of Command  is -without question – giving a ringing endorsement of USAF Maj. Arthur Greenwood, a.k.a. Dr. Arthur John Greenwood, OBGYN even though they knew at the time the time the video was made  Arthur, an OBGYN had at least one serious illness related to a sexually transmitted disease HPV – for which Arthur was  treated in 2015, and about which I was never informed. An OBGYN knows better than anyone about the need to inform all sexual partners, including wives,  of STD’s and potential exposure.

As a victim of domestic violence, spousal abuse and abuse of a vulnerable adult, not one of my rights was protected, not one, not  ever. Over the course of my marriage the USAF repeatedly demonstrated a complete and utter disregard for me, my health, my life, my safety, my property, my financial security and my due process rights.   Imagine for a moment the chilling impact this video had me and on Dr. Greenwood’s other victims.

The media are full of news about serial abusers like Dr. Larry NassarHarvey WeinsteinMatt LauerCharlie Rose.  These abusers  fooled the public for years, even decades, perceived as  charming, well respected members of the community, while hiding a more sinister, cunning and manipulative criminal reality. Public perception was  extremely important to them. Often, only their victims saw the true monster behind the fake  “Teddy Bear” facade.  These abusers held positions of power and high public esteem, which allowed them to bully, harass and destroy the lives of their victims who spoke out about abuse.  These abusers were  protected by a corrupt misogynist culture  and their socio-economic status. They have left hundreds of victims in their wake.   Abuse is criminal conduct and it  will continue as long as we allow abusers to evade responsibility for their conduct. These abusers are no different than  USAF Maj. Arthur John Greenwood a.k.a. Dr. Arthur John Greenwood OBGYN

To end abuse we need to protect and enforce the victim’s due process rights, and that begins with military authorities and or military medical professionals reporting violence and abuse. Failing to report violence and abuse eviscerates the victim’s  due process rights.   Too often military officers “protect their buddies”  without any regard for victims, allowing  entrenched, misogynist military policies and procedures, and the financial agendas of military medical officers to come before a civilian spouse victim’s due process rights. Given what is at stake, those who participate in the abuse and those who aid and abet criminal abusers should be held accountable as accessories after the fact.

My abuser was my husband, USAF Maj Arthur John Greenwood.  Arthur and I met as undergrads in 1997,  he proposed almost immediately, we were married in 2000 while he was in medical school and remained on active duty throughout the marriage. As a civilian spouse of a military officer I made sacrifices for my husband, for his medical career, for his military career and for  my country which have never been honored in any way, shape or form.

I am not sure if we are divorced or not.  As with many military marriages, Arthur controlled 100% of our finances. To support his obsession to breed horses and dogs, he engaged in criminal conduct and eventually forced me to live apart from him, for years, in abject poverty, in an unfit, unsafe and dangerous situation, often going without food and medical care.

By June/July of 2016 I could not afford an attorney. I was sick from years of violence and  abuse and had the enormous responsibility to provide  food, care and shelter for the  Logres Farm dogs   and horses,  which Arthur had completely abandoned.  I had cooperated with the military and every request and demand  they ever made of me, including  an “investigation” conducted by his Chain of Command that I now know was a complete fraud. I had provided information that should not have been publicly disclosed because I was told by Lt. Col Elliott Pinero and JAG officer Captain Terry and others  that I was guilty of obstruction of justice if I did not.  I was lied to, manipulated  and exploited.  I was even denied my  right to see the results of the  Langely CDI “investigation” of Arthur  pursuant  to an August 2015 FOIA request.   I  eventually sold everything I owned, and begged or borrowed every nickle I could just to feed the animals.

During this time, and for years prior, going back to 2008,  Arthur lived by himself in lovely homes we rented,  that for one reason or another, I was not allowed to live in. I was forced to “stay at the farm to care for the animals.”  It was always supposed to be “temporary” but looking back, from 2008 on,  there was never a time when I was allowed to live with Arthur in the homes we rented. For one reason or another,  I had to stay at the farm while Arthur lived elsewhere in relative luxury.  I know now that that during these years Arthur was involved in criminal activity which I  knew nothing about. He was  also dating, going on trips, partying, committing adultery,  and enjoying the life of a wealthy carefree bachelor.  He even contracted a sexually transmitted disease[s].   When I saw Arthur he was usually violent and abusive, injuring me repeatedly during the course of our marriage. I have been in the emergency room dozens of times because of abuse and violence in my marriage.  Arthur was threatening, demeaning and a bully.  Arthur continually demanded that I  get  money from Gladstone to pay for Arthur’s lifestyle and his obsessions, his bills, a new car, the horses and or  dogs. Arthur was emotionally and financially  abusive as well.   I feared Arthur, his criminal conduct  and his growing toxic control in the marriage.  I can not remember any periods of time where I  was not injured or recovering from an injury.  My life was the daily struggle to survive injury and keep the animals alive.   When I say that I “sacrificed everything for the animals”  I mean it.

It is likely that I  was in the hospital seeking medical care for cancer when / if he obtained a divorce in Moore County, North Carolina. If he did so, it happened while he resided in Virginia, and was evading a warrant for his arrest in Moore County, North Carolina for violence, abuse and threatening to kill me.   I have never seen or signed any document ending our marriage or distributing our marital assets. If he was legally allowed to take everything I owned and everything I worked a life time for, he and his expensive  attorney did so unilaterally. Every system protected the abuser and his power and money. After years of violence and abuse I was too poor, too weak and too sick to protect myself at all, and not one right of mine was protected.

As of January 2018 Dr. Greenwood has not been held accountable.   One could argue that he was allowed to benefit from “secret policies” of both the USAF and the AMA which protect abusers.  Quite possibly Arthur John Greenwood also benefited from his long-term close association with USAF Maj. Jessica Hogg Ballard and her mother who is a  high ranking United States Air Force officer  USAF Maj. Gen. Dorothy A. Hogg

It appears that Dr. Greenwood is now openly gloating that he was allowed to benefit from his years of illegal, immoral and unethical conduct. For example, the filly Jewells, whom he now brags about, is one of the animals he abandoned in January of 2015. For years I sacrificed everything to keep Jewells and of the Logres Farm horses and dogs alive. Arthur was eventually allowed to benefit from his criminal conduct and take everything I owned, which is tantamount to Dr. Larry Nassar being allowed to adopt the gymnasts he abused.

In my case my abuser’s military buddies ignored years of criminal conduct and  allowed the violence and abuse to continue for years to the point where I now have Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, which is a progressive, untreatable, fatal medical condition, which I must face as a disabled, elderly,  homeless person with substandard medical care.

At a minimum military personal and medical professionals must report violence and abuse, even if it is inconvenient or unprofitable.  We must  hold abusers accountable. We must protect the due process rights of victims of violence and abuse.

As of January 2018 there is not one advocate, group, agency, politician and or political party anywhere in this country that protects the due process rights of civilian spouses who are victims of domestic violence, spousal abuse and abuse of a vulnerable adult; not any agency or branch of the United States Air Force, not RAINN, not the Coalition to End Domestic Violence, not  GLADD, not the ACLU, not the DNC,  not the National Women’s Law Center and not #TimesUP.  These due process rights include the victim’s rights to health, property, income, marital assets, retirement, medical insurance and financial security.

Fundamentally, a victim’s due process rights are tied to the medical profession reporting violence and abuse.In my experience over twenty years, military medical professionals simply refused to report domestic violence and abuse unless there is a bullet or a bleeding wound involved. Years of repeated injuries, including years of  head injuries, concussions and other consequences of violence and abuse are simply ignored. No one protects the victim. Every statute and or policy enforced protects the abuser.

As a fact, Dr. Arthur Greenwood was allowed to evade responsibility to me – his wife – and  to thousands of his civilian patients (whom he treated while moonlighting illegally for over ten years), and to get away with two decades of criminal conduct which others have gone to jail for.

I endured twenty years of Arthur’s violence and abuse. Over the course of our marriage I  reported the violence and abuse as it happened, and as it escalated. I reported the violence, abuse and other criminal conduct to military doctors, civilian doctors, to  his Chain of Command, to his civilian bosses, to law enforcement, to members of Congress,  and even to  officers including Rear Admiral Noel Preston.   I also reported his other criminal conduct, as it happened and as it escalated.

I was protected by no one. Rather, I was repeatedly ignored, bullied and or exploited by the very people and groups  who could have and should have protected me, my health, my safety, my property, my financial security and my due process rights.  I have been bullied, harassed, defamed and viciously attacked for speaking out about violence and abuse. In this country we treat stray dogs better than I have been treated.

One of the most  difficult things for a victim of violence and abuse to ever say publicly, is, “I matter.”  My country and the United States Air Force have told me loud and clear that I don’t matter, not at all.

I am almost 64 years old, I am disabled because of the violence and abuse in my marriage.  After decades of head injuries, acceleration and deceleration events and or concussions, I have Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE).  CTE has only one cause, and that is years of injury.  I believe that there are thousands of victims of violence and abuse who are dismissed as “crazy” because of CTE, which is caused by years of abuse.

I am also a victim of pandering, which a review of USAF Maj. Arthur Greenwood’s years of spending on the horses, and his bank account vs. his income going back to 2001 will expose more fully. there are bank statements,  emails, texts and audio video recordings documenting pandering.  Essentially, Arthur sold me to Steven Daniel Gladstone for about $400,000.00 in cash and property to fund Arthur’s horse breeding enterprise.  There is no statute of limitations on pandering, and it (like the insurance fraud, tax fraud, tax evasion, theft,  and illegal moonlighting)  should have been “investigated” immediately when I reported it.

After twenty years of violence and abuse, after “blowing the whistle on criminal conduct” Arthur literally was able to act on every threat he had ever made, force me into abject poverty and then take everything I owned and worked a lifetime to achieve.  I was forced to live in abject poverty, in an unfit, unsafe and dangerous situation through and July of 2016, going without basic necessitates like food, medical care, a vehicle, etc.  Since then Arthur took everything I owned and all monies and community property.  He is now enjoying the benefits of a medical education and career based upon plagiarized work and criminal conduct.  I  have been homeless and penniless I am  now homeless,  and would have frozen to death were it not for the extraordinary kindness of one individual.  As long I as live I will pursue justice for me, and for the thousands of victims of violence and abuse like me.

I will not be distracted from what is the fundamental wrong here.  I  know this issue from the inside out, and have experienced first-hand the enormous, devastating, deadly power that well-connected abusers have over their victims. Abusers in the military medical group  flourish because they are allowed by military policies and practices to eviscerate the due process rights of their civilian spouse victims.

Arthur’s chain of command exploited my trust, manipulated me,  and allowed Arthur to continue  to abuse me. They instructed and or allowed Arthur to hide from service of process, from me, and from  creditors and  bill collectors, from civilian malpractice patients. Arthur’s chain of command eviscerated my due process rights, including my rights to protect my health, my  financial security and personal safety. They lied to me, misled me, and intentionally prevented me from seeking help from OSI and civilian law enforcement. They refused to tell me that Arthur had contracted a disease linked to a sexually transmitted disease, which, as OGBYN’s they know violates public health laws.  Over the years this small dishonorable group enforces policies and practices which destroyed my health and my financial security, all from the safety of  knowing that they would never be held accountable.

As a country we believe in the Rule of Law to protect us and our property and to keep us safe.  Like all Americans, Arthur John Greenwood is not above the law. He  should go to jail if he is guilty of  theft of government property,  insurance fraud, assault,  tax evasion or tax fraud. Moreover, his  oath as a USAF Officer strictly prohibited  certain conduct, like: breach of contract[s]plagiarism, pandering,  theft on DITY moves, tax evasion, tax fraud, insurance fraud, domestic violence, spousal abuse, abuse of a vulnerable adult, etc., all of which are subject to dishonorable discharge, court martial and/or  jail.

For the public’s safety organizations like the  American Medical Association, the North Carolina Medical Board, and the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology claim to have a Standard of Conduct, which  Dr. Arthur John Greenwood falls short of.  At a minimum, Dr. Greenwood should be held accountable when his willful unethical conduct (moonlighting illegally) harms others.

At the time Dr. Arthur Greenwood sat for his ACOG Boards (January of 2015) up through when the 2016 ABC News  video linked below was made, there was a Warrant for Dr. Arthur John Greenwood’s  arrest in Moore, County, North Carolina for communicating threats, including his threat to kill his wife – me.   This arrest warrant – based upon probable cause – was issued in Moore County, North Carolina on January 13, 2015.  Arthur’s Chain of Command was notified immediately of the Warrant, and refused to allow it to be served. In all Arthur’s Chain of Command allowed Arthur to hide from service of process for ANY criminal or civil wrong, which harmed me physically, emotionally and financially, and denied me and thousands of civilian North Carolina medical patients our  due process rights.

For years Dr. Greenwood’s Chain of Command ignored his increasing criminal conduct, which allowed the violence and abuse in my marriage to escalate, and it allowed Dr. Arthur Greenwood to abuse thousands of North Carolina urgent care patients. No one protected me or these civilian patients, or any rights we had.

Over the past few years I have seen first hand the critical importance of medical professionals reporting domestic violence and abuse. At a bare minimum, all victim’s due process rights are irrevocably tied to reports of medical professionals.  The abuse must be in a medical record, for the victim to have any due process rights.  When the medical professionals refuse to report the abuse, for whatever reason, they are denying the victim’s their due process rights, which is the worst form of abuse. To end violence and abuse, we have to begin by reporting it. Arthur’s colleagues who ferociously protected his income and socio-economic status at my expense, denied me all of my due process rights, and they allowed Dr. Arthur Greenwood to systemically deny the due process rights of every North Carolina civilian patient he treated while moonlighting illegally in urgent care clinics for over ten years.

In the end the US Air Force and others allowed Dr. Arthur Greenwood to exploit his 100% financial control in our marriage.  Arthur was able to act on every threat he ever made, and retaliate against me for blowing the whistle on his criminal conduct. Eventually he was allowed to force me into abject poverty, homeless, disabled and penniless,  and then walk away after twenty years, taking everything I owned and had worked a lifetime to create. My life, my health, my property and my financial security meant nothing at all to Dr. Arthur Greenwood and his cadre of support.  All that mattered for them was that they assist Dr. Greenwood in evading all legal and financial consequences of his  years of criminal activity.

United States Air Force Officers, including all involved here, should have conducted themselves with honor and integrity, exemplifying the highest moral values. Those principles either mean something or they do not.  Moreover, the ability to trust a medical doctor is paramount to the practice of medicine.

The photos below are of Arthur during one of many periods over the past twenty years when he was morbidly obese.  These photos were taken from 2009 through 2012 – a time when Arthur  ate, drank and partied as he pleased.  In 2012, after receiving a Letter of Admonishment from USAF Col Robert Payne, Arthur would tell  his USAF Chain of Command that  “it was their fault he was obese because he was working so hard he didn’t have time to exercise.”

In June of 2013, after ignoring the IRS for four years, and after being threatened with IRS bank account  seizures,  for failure to pay years of Federal Income Tax (which the USAF should have discovered while doing their security clearance of Arthur)  Arthur lied to the IRS by telling the Internal Revenue Service that the reason he had not paid his taxes for the last four years was that he had been “deployed” for four years (2008-2012) and had just gotten home.

Arthur lied  in order to avoid being jailed for refusing to file or pay Federal Income Taxes from 2008 through 2012.

In July of 2013 Arthur filed four years of Federal Income Tax returns all at once, in which he fraudulently claimed a business loss on an IRS Schedule F,  which the IRS computers did not catch.  As a fact –  Arthur was not deployed at all during 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.

As a fact, during that time Arthur was doing a civilian sponsored OBGYN residency at Texas Tech and then at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. In his off hours he was engaged in criminal, unethical and immoral  conduct, when he was not  overeating, playing golf and/or  playing with the dogs and horses. During these years Arthur could not even fit into a military uniform, much less be deployed. During these years Arthur received a Letter of Admonishment  for his ongoing refusal to meet USAF weight and fitness standards.

Agolfing Arthur 2011 Dec 22 bArthur Obese 123

The photos below are of the tiny mud pit where Arthur had the Jewells and Lourdess dumped (over my objections) in early December of 2014.  These photos represent some of the horrific conditions I objected to, which Arthur and his chain of command knew about and ignored. At this point in time Arthur was  living in a luxury singled condo, partying, over eating,  and contracting sexually transmitted diseases.  I was living below the level of poverty, in an unfit, unsafe and dangerous situation, going without food, heat and even medical care to stay and provide for the horses and dogs.  Arthur was allowed by his chain of command to hide from Service of Process, so I could not get the legal authority  I needed to legally sell any of our community property to properly care for myself and these horses.   The fencing was old worn out woven wire that could not hold an electrical charge. If you look, the woven wire strips are actually nailed to posts in places and are not even connected to the worn broken electric charger.  There was no electrical charge in the fence and no way to get a charge in the fence because the woven wire was over ten years old and the fragile wires in the fencing were broken and had been for years.  There was no reason on earth for any animal to stay behind the strips of plastic and Arthur knew it.  The mares could walk through the fencing at any time, which they did shortly after these photos were taken. There was another area on the property just a few hundred feet away, with equally substandard fencing to contain a stallion. a pregnant mare and another mare. We owed the feed dealer thousands of dollars. We owed the traine and vets thousands of dollars.  Winter was coming and it would be the coldest in North Carolina history.  Lourdess and her daughter Jewells  could easily be killed in an altercation with the stallion, and so could anyone trying to intervene.   Note that there is no grass, no shelter and no protection of any kind from rain, snow and wind.  The mares including Jewells and Lourdess were standing in 10 to 12 inches of mud all day, every day,  Arthur was present in November of 2014 (weeks  before he had  Jewells and Lourdess and the stallion and other mares  dumped on the property), when a farrier showed us that both of the other two mare, Denali and True Ruler, had thrush from living in the mud.

Jan 12 2015 horses in rain 2 - Copyhorses 10 on Dec 31 2014 no shelter or forage - Copyhorses 6 on Dec 31 2014 - Copyhorses 4 on Dec 31 2014 el fence does not work - Copyhorses 2 on Dec 31 2014 - Copy